Monday, September 21, 2009

Spiritual Life Coaching: Coping with Crisis

Spiritual life coaching helps people deal with traumatic events and devastating crisis. How do you cope when your loved one becomes seriously ill, when a child or spouse dies or when you receive the shocking news that you have a terminal illness?

Spiritual life coaching is an option for many people. Talking with a close friend, family member or church leader can provide hope and comfort. A spiritual life coach is a source of strength to draw on while you cope with the situation.

Diagnosis of a Serious Illness

Doctors, hospitals, medical tests and multiple procedures can be overwhelming. The fight for life often begins with a vengeance as you reach out to doctors, nurses and medical specialists who seem to have infinite strength and wisdom. They do more tests and prescribe medications to relieve painful symptoms.

Maybe you will do internet research to learn more about the illness and to find out about organizations that are working to find a cure or prolong and improve quality of life. You may even have hopes of a cure being discovered just in the nick of time.

As the illness progresses, you might turn to God and pray that he doesn’t give you more than you can handle. You become depressed as you go from a strong, independent person to one who is completely helpless and dependent on God.

Whether complicated or simple, with long-term effects or only temporary, crisis can hinder your spiritual well-being, causing bitterness, frustration and depression. On the other hand, they can also lead you to a path of spiritual growth and personal strength.

Spiritual Life Coaching to help you Cope

Spiritual life coaching helps you find hope and peace. The belief that all things work together for the good in our lives is the silver lining in our time of suffering. In facing difficulties and devastation we can learn how to respond to our situation. Transformation of our character is the treasure that lies buried within our turmoil.

If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, a spiritual life coach can help you put things into perspective as you prepare for the end of your life or that of your loved one. Taking care of things like being an organ donor, making out your will and saying good by to those you love will provide a sense of peace. A spiritual life coach can enlighten your perception of life in a way that no one else can.

K’Lei is a spiritual life coach who has helped many people deal with life’s challenges. K’Lei works with people from any belief system to meet them where they are and assist them in achieving peace and happiness. The greatest part of her work is bringing laughter, joy, hope and love to the spaces that need it most.

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